two spooky young inexperienced and eager boys looking for a good time sooji and yosoke are here to answer your spooky questions and do whatever you want them to spooky
booga booga halloween

Fanfiction is scary.

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Souji Seta  Persona 4  Yosuke Hanamura  

Other than bothering Yosuke, I’m spending my summer studying and working.

( thxu 2 toguchin for the idea ehehe )

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Yosuke Hanamura  Persona 4  P4  

Happy Birthday, Mr. Magician Arcana. 

Meet Velvet Room Assistant Yosuke!

" Hey partner! Wanna look at the persona compendium? " uguu uguuuguu

God Yosuke, stop being such a sore loser! hahaha

I’m terribly sorry for the inactivity on my part.. But with summer here, I have more time on my hands and I have the ability to derp on tumblr more yay!! With the new P4G content up and floating around, you guys must be burning with questions for these two, am I right? Ask away! ( And give me an excuse to put them in even more stupid scenarios with the addition of ~fabulous costumes~ also fish kunai. ) 

Thanks to you followers for sticking with me! ; v ; 

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Persona 4  P4  Souji Seta  Yosuke Hanamura  OOC  

Nanako keeps asking why my room smells like steak sauce. I keep telling her it’s the  new cat food I bought.

Please, please let it be the cat food.

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Souji Seta  Yosuke Hanamura  P4  Persona 4  Chie Satonaka  

Puella Magi Yosuke Magica.

YOU GUYS ARE ALL PERVS! That’s not cool man!!!! 

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